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10 July 2018 – 04 August 2018

Directed by Sarah Meadows  'People love being in control, don't you think? But you can't control something you don't…
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End Of The Pier

11 July 2018 – 11 August 2018

Directed by Hannah PriceCast: Les Dennis, Nitin Ganatra, Tala Gouveia and Blake Harrison. Production Supported by Park Theatre's…
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07 August 2018 – 01 September 2018

Co-directed by Glen Walford and Kevin TomlinsonCast includes: Abigail Hood and Kevin Tomlinson  What happens when you can't…
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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

16 August 2018 – 15 September 2018

Directed by Tom LatterCast includes: Sally George, Rafaella Hutchinson and Jamie Rose Monk A timid and brilliant young woman,…
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Time Credits at Park Theatre

6 June 2018

We are delighted to announce that we are now accepting Spice Time Credits on selected shows as on June 2018.
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Fabulous 5th Birthday Gala

13 June 2018

We had a wonderful time celebrating 5 years of Park Theatre with a 5th birthday gala evening. We were joined by our friends and supporters…
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