Staged readings of new plays that confront modern day issues that face young people in the 21st Century. These are fundraisers to support the work of the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) in protecting young people from harm and abuse, including post show talks with the NSPCC.

Young Lives Today

PMJ Productions presents

March 27 BODY & SOLD by Deborah Lake Fortson (P90)

A documentary play based on interviews conducted by Deborah Lake Fortson in the USA with young people who ran away from home. Why do they leave?  What happens to them?  How do they survive? They are true stories said in their own words. BODY & SOLD is a thought provoking play that throws the spotlight on a hidden problem.

May 22 Faceless by Selina Fillinger (P90)

Susie Glenn, an 18 year old convert from Christianity to Islam was arrested at Chicago’s International Airport for conspiring with ISIS. Recent Harvard Law graduate and practicing Muslim, Claire Fathi, has been brought on to prosecute. Inspired by real court cases in the USA, Faceless, looks at two young women fighting for justice in a world gripped by fear. 

June 26 Virtually Related by El Pilkington (P200)

Something is missing in Mia’s life. Then she meets her donor sibling through a website. Adam is cool and sensitive and everything you could ever want in a brother … What happens when we think we’ve found what we are looking for, and then we realize that it is something else completely? Virtually Related explores the unexpected possibilities of Assisted Reproductive Technologies when met with the deep, dark world of the internet.

About PMJ Productions

Prav MJ founded PMJ productions to support emerging writers and actors and to stage plays that create debate and change. Sket by Maya Sondhi (Park Theatre). The Lonely Soldier Monologues (LSM) by US playwright Helen Benedict. Both plays received support from the public via successful Kickstarter campaigns and LSM also received Arts Council funding.