Park Theatre present a work-in-progress presentation of

Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera]

By Harry Hill & Steve Brown

Directed by Peter Rowe
A work in progress sharing

'Look anyone will tell you, I’m a pretty straight sort of guy.' Tony Blair

​​A reckless reappraisal of the life of former Bad Rumours front man and Britain’s first pop Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The story of how one man went from peace-loving, long-haired hippy and would-be pop star to warmongering multimillionaire in just a couple of decades. A hilarious tragedy of political intrigue, religion, power and romance that plays fast and loose with the facts, owing as much to Citizen Kane as it does to The Marx Brothers - Karl and Groucho.

Throw in a cast of larger-than-life characters - Cherie Blair, Princess Diana, John Prescott, Peter Mandelson, Alistair Campbell, Osama Bin Laden, George W Bush, Saddam Hussein, Gordon Brown and of course that dodgy dossier. 

A first-look at the new work-in-progress rock musical by comedian Harry Hill & Steve Brown

Please note, this will be a work in progress, script-in-hand performance. This performance is sold at full capacity and no longer socially distanced, mask wearing is required.

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Photography: Nick Linford