Park Theatre and Theatre by the Lake co-production and UK Premiere in association with Abinger Productions

The Other Place

Written by Sharr White

Directed by Claire van Kampen
Cast includes Karen Archer
Production Supported by Park Theatre's Producers Circle


Confident, intelligent and highly successful neurologist Juliana Smithton is at the top of her game. But while delivering a lecture to a roomful of doctors, she’s interrupted by a series of disturbing events...

With her husband filing for divorce and her health in the balance, Juliana’s life suddenly starts unravelling. As details emerge of a ten-year old mystery, fact blurs with fiction, the past collides with the present, secrets are spilled and slowly the elusive and shocking truth is revealed. 
Nothing is at it seems in the UK Premiere of Sharr White’s brilliantly crafted and emotionally charged psychological thriller.