Veritas Theatre Company in association with Park Theatre present the World Premiere of


By Abigail Hood

Cast includes: Abigail Hood and Kevin Tomlinson


What happens when you can't trust the people you love?

London. 2018. A bedsit. A young woman in trouble. A bridge. A missing teenager - and parents searching for answers.

Struggling to cope with the disappearance of his teenage daughter, secondary school teacher Tom decides to book a young escort (Leah) to help him fill the void. Little does he realise the impact this will have on both their lives and the lives of those closest to them. With a cast of four, this thrilling contemporary play explores lives in crisis and the need within the human spirit to cling to another person, no matter what the cost. But do we really know the people we are closest to? What happens when trust breaks down? Does our past shape our future? Can other people save us? Or must we save ourselves? 


Please note: Spiral explores three relationships; two of which are dysfunctional. One of these relationships involves episodes of emotional, psychological and physical abuse.