Script Accelerator 2016

Script Accelerator is a yearly programme designed to support emerging practitioners and is now in its fourth year. It offers free use of our spaces for the development of new work which is then showcased in Park200. For more information click HERE.

“We run Script Accelerator because we are passionate about discovering emerging talent and giving a platform to upcoming artists” - Melli Bond, Creative Director


Script Accelerator performances are double/ triple bills of extracts of new plays. The audience is invited to stay for a Q&A Session in the auditorium after the performances.

One performance: £9
Two performances: £15 

All groups play twice, once on a Sunday and once on a Monday. So double the fun and opt for the £15 ticket deal, where you will have a chance to see every Script Accelerator extract!

Sun 20th and Mon 28th Nov

Changing Face present
It Is So Ordered
by Conor Carroll

It’s 1960’s Harlem, New York - a vicious crime is committed and someone needs to take the fall. Tragically two black youths’ lives will be forever connected in this play exploring criminality, politics, corruption and race. Has much changed today?


The Thelmas present 
by Guleraana Mir

“Ever feel like you are constantly disappointing everyone? Meet Rumi.”
How far will she go to protect the identity she's carved for herself? 


Mon 21st and Sun 27th Nov

The Story Project present
by Gareth Jandrell

You want for these all new precious moments with your tiny baby to be serene - but what if that isn’t the case? “The black is coming"


Fine Line Productions present
The Distance Between Us
by Alex McSweeney

Ever felt the walls getting closer? … you’re looking for a way out, a way to somewhere... But those walls…
The distance between us can grow without taking a single step. But no matter how far you travel you can never get away from yourself.
This development is supported by Arts Council England. 

Vanessa-Faye Stanley/Boileroom present
Sanguine Night
by Bushra Laskar

How can we make up for so much tragedy? On a faded grand estate in central India, a family of five women are determined to survive, surrounded by a landscape ravaged by a terrible man-made accident. 

A response to the 1984 Bhopal Union Carbide disaster, this play explores guilt, accountability and family resilience.