The Script Readers in association with Park Theatre presents

No Reasonable Offer Refused

by Norma Cohen

When 65-year-old bespoke tailor Label Levansky sees his old sparring partner from the stetl Moyshe Oshinsky set up the latest branch of  Montague Burton’s chain store opposite his own shop front in 1956 downtown Bootle, he‘s forced to fight for his survival in a family drama spliced with Liverpudlian verve and Yiddish chutzpah.

Clashing with his one-track politico son Jack, he struggles to square the demands of his pragmatic wife Gitel. Jack’s doubting wife Nella flags up her own agenda as their young son Karl swerves from posters of Stalin into an escape world of comics and marbles and teenage daughter Rosa strains towards the heady new beat of rock 'n' roll.

This rehearsed reading of No Reasonable Offer Refused marks the start of a new association between The Script Readers and Park Theatre. Founded in 2008 by actor Shenagh Govan and based at Theatre Royal, Stratford East, The Script Readers ( encourages the development of new writing through monthly readings & feedback sessions for writers.