Tom O’Connell, James Seabright and The Watermill Theatre in association with King's Head Theatre and Park Theatre present


By Joe Orton

"a deliciously outrageous black comedy crackling with wit - it's a delight from start to finish" ★★★★★ Remotegoat

"You can’t help but wince and giggle in equal measure... this glorious adaptation is not to be missed!" Theatre Weekly

"Orton still hits all the targets dead centre over half a century later" ★★★★ ReviewsGate 

"It's the mark of great writing that it morphs into something of new relevance each time it's revived. Such is the case with Loot. Based on this surefooted revival we can safely conclude that, yes, Joe Orton's plays could still outrage establishment thinking. But now that the liberal intelligentsia dominate theatre going he shocked tonight's appreciative, highly entertained audience in ways he couldn't possibly have predicted." ★★★★

"Two breakneck hours that rarely let up... moments of genuine hilarity delivered with perfect comic timing" British Theatre Guide

"A joy to watch from start to finish - a great production highly recommended" ★★★★ SpyintheStalls

"Side holdingly, eye wipingly funny, gloriously uncut production of a rarely staged masterpiece" ★★★★ Everything-Theatre

"A bawdy laughter filled revival of an Orton classic, every line milked for maximum comedic impact" ★★★★ Theatre Bubble

"There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in this farcical delight, astutely orchestrated by director Michael Fentiman" ★★★★ Pocketsizetheatre

"a farcical comedy that’s a laugh a minute" ★★★★ TheGayUK

"Intensely funny and dark in equal measure, Loot packs one hell of a punch - If you like your comedy dark and your slapstick daring: this is the play for you" ★★★★  Gay Times

"Laughter is a serious business, and comedy a weapon more dangerous than tragedy. Which is why tyrants treat it with caution." Joe Orton

"Orton’s great black comedy often seems prophetic in its satirical depiction of the state intruding ever deeper into the personal liberties of its citizens." Daily Telegraph

"Comic absurdity & sheer nastiness are fused with style & wit, Loot is given a raucous revival by Michael Fentiman" Mature Times

"Loot spirals inventively into the higher reaches of preposterousness, false reasoning and sheer lunacy. A delectable amusement." Evening Standard