Crying Duck Comedy

What is Crying Duck Comedy?

Well, just stand-up comedians really. Not a duck in sight for the most part. In the absence of ducks however, what we have is an embarrassment of riches in terms of comedy with, admittedly, a soupçon of crying.

Crying Duck Comedy has been quietly building a reputation as London's best weekly new material comedy night and here at CDC we thought it was time to show off the wonderful array of talent that we have moving through our ranks.

Enter Park Theatre. We are so pleased that with Park, we are able to showcase four of the very best comedy talents emerging from the London circuit. Extremely discerning, we stick to what we like and what we like is exceptionally funny comedians with an original angle and something to say.



The face behind the mask? Well there's two of them.

Founder and philanthropist Matthew Comras – narrowly avoided stardom by coming runner-up in the Sitcom Mission 2011 so decided to become a largely overlooked stand-up who then made it his mission to take revenge on those who had wronged him by setting up Crying Duck Comedy aka The Death Star.

Artist and altruist Harry Kapur (HP) –  stumbled into London with a pocket full of dreams that were hastily revised once he was taken under the Duck's 'generous' wing. His comedy apprenticeship has seen him ably assist the mighty Duck in its mission to spread laughter and joy to the (grown-ups in charge of) the children of the world.