Freedom Tongues & Naiad Productions in association with Park Theatre present

Bullet Hole

By Gloria Williams

Directed by Lara Genovese

‘So I finally got my gift. Gifts are meant to be opened, right?’

Young Cleo was given her ‘gift’ at age seven – except that ‘gift’ left her with type 3 Female Mutilation.

How can Cleo love her body, when her husband brutally sexually assaults her? Finding strength after this hideous act, Cleo resolves to go against her family’s wishes and seek reversal surgery. On her journey of healing, Cleo meets Eve, a fellow FGM survivor who is instantly drawn to her. Will Cleo overcome her own struggles, empower Eve to stand against this traditional practice and stop women's unnecessary suffering? A fight for love, hope and acceptance in a culture where a 'gift' can bear the ultimate price. 

Shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon Audience Award 2017
Please note: This performance contains adult themes which may be a trigger for some audience members. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]