pluck. productions in association with ​Park Theatre present the ​World Premiere of


By Stephanie Martin

Directed by Sarah Meadows
Their hot, angry, confused eyes nervously darting up at my headscarf as if they’ll catch something. Why don’t you like it?

Sophie and Sarah have been best friends forever. Sarah’s recently converted to Islam and has a new fiancé, Ali. Ali is still married to Aleesha and Sophie doesn’t think that’s right, at all. Sophie’s getting married to Nick. Sophie’s had a really traditional upbringing, so she’s always been certain she has a pretty clear sense of right and wrong. 

One hot summer evening the two couples have a get together. Sophie is desperate to meet Ali and even more desperate to rescue her friendship with Sarah. Sophie also wants to ask Sarah if she’ll take off her hijab for her wedding. A headscarf just won’t match the other bridesmaids and Sophie likes things to look right, to match. It’s all going well (ish) until Ali’s current wife, Aleesha turns up and demands he do his duty and respect their children’s happiness. 

Alkaline is play about faith, friendship and fear. A play about British identity and who chooses to define it. A play about change, painful endings and new beginnings.

Where does our duty lie? And do we ever dare to be different?