Park Theatre presents the world premiere of

Adult Supervision

by Sarah Rutherford


"A cracking new play … A splendidly funny and often downright raucous comedy - a kind of Abigail’s Party for the metropolitan, multicultural 21st century. Outstanding performances.... It’s a provocative and entertaining evening, sleekly designed by Janet Bird, and directed by the Park’s founder and artistic director Jez Bond with the confidence of a man who knows he is on to a winner."


TIME OUT ★ ★ ★ ★

"Remember ‘Clybourne Park’ – Bruce Norris’s uncomfortably hilarious West End hit about racial tension and class snobbery in Chicago? Well, Sarah Rutherford’s written the London equivalent."

"Fiercely funny stuff!"

"Jez Bond’s production settles into a great rhythm and understands the thrill of a short, sharp shock, not least with its top-drawer wardrobe malfunction. Doyle makes a monstrous mean girl-turned-mum, but Robbins is properly stand-out as Mo, concealing a vicious streak brought out by alcohol and maternal instinct."


DAILY MAIL ★ ★ ★ ★

"It is hard to say too much without spoiling surprises, but this is a sparky, modern, well-acted, highly watchable show that will have Left-wing Islingtonians shifting uneasily on their rumps. An English answer to Yasmina Reza’s God Of Carnage… Miss Rutherford is a fresh voice. By staging this, the Park Theatre’s artistic director Jez Bond shows admirable readiness to hold a mirror to his core audience. It’s only been open a few months, but Park Theatre is already motoring."



"First-time playwright Sarah Rutherford skilfully manipulates your allegiances, causing your sympathies to shift and shift again until there is no one left to be redeemed."

"The political parallels are uncanny."

"Rutherford's script is tight and precise."



"Hilariously provocative!"

"Adult Supervision comes highly recommended, and if there is one thing to do this month to celebrate Black History, this could well be it!"



"Jez Bond's production – his first as a director since opening this lovely new theatre – is beautifully cast and builds the tensions..."

"An amusing, provocative play."



"Jez Bond's sparky production charts the descent into mayhem with engaging wit as the alarming extent of Natasha's rigid, theory-based parenting is exposed and as Izzy launches into a drunken, gloriously incoherent aria of self-pity about the multi-cultural conspiracy that has left decent, confused white folk afraid to open their mouths for fear of committing some hate crime."

"a very funny, provocative and well-informed look at 'Beige Britain'



a polished production… pacy and controlled"

"Bond’s direction is as smooth as Janet Bird’s purposefully beige set in a production that is pacy and controlled. In keeping with Park Theatre’s sterling casting history the ensemble is top notch and the energy between them is taut. Susannah Doyle’s uptight Natasha and Amy Robbins’ wilful Mo battle it out great guns. Olivia Poulet as wide-eyed Izzy deftly walks the fine line between innocent and irritating while Jacqueline Boatswain is truly engaging as the conflicted Angela."



"Adult Supervision is wonderfully performed and brilliantly written; a hilarious play I urge you to discover for yourselves."



"...had myself and everyone else in the audience engrossed and laughing from start to finish … a fully deserved standing ovation."