Script Accelerator Archive

Script Accelerator 2016 featured:

Sanguine Night
Produced by: Vanessa-Faye Stanley/Boileroom
Mentee: Alex Prescot

After Birth
Produced by: The Story Project
Mentee: Ellis Newbury

The Distance Between Us
Produced by: Lindsay Fraser/ Fine Line Productions
Mentee: Stella-Jane Odoemelam

It Is So Ordered
Produced by: Changing Face Collective
Mentee: Delia Ra

Produced by: The Thelmas
Mentee: Gabriel Broadhurst 


Script Accelerator 2015 featured:


Produced by: Concorde Theatre Company 

by Charlie Howitt
Produced by: Reverend Productions 

The 38th Parallel 
Produced by: Pokfulam Rd. Productions 

A Pupil
by Jesse Britton 
Produced by: Bear Trap Theatre Company

The Pooki
by Jamie Jackson
Tara Finney Productions

The View
Produced by: To The Moon Theatre & Epsilon Productions 

Check out our video from Script Accelerator 2015 here

Script Accelerator 2014 featured:


The Rover
by Aphra Behn, adapted by Loveday Ingram 

Full of Bees
by Rick Bland

Happy to Help
by Michael Ross

devised by Upstanding Productions [Arinda Alexander, Tansy Adair and Law Ballard]

by J. Dulin Jones

My Eyes Went Dark
by Matt Wilkinson

‚ÄčNaughty pour Homme
Book by Leon Parris and Jon Smith, Music and Lyrics by Leon Parris


Check out our video from Script Accelerator 2014 here


Script Accelerator 2013 featured:


Tess of the D'Urbervilles
By Stepping Out Theatre Company

World Enough and Time
by Sarah Sigal [Fluff Productions]

My Name Is Hunger
by The Salon Collective

Storm in A Teacup (after Chekhov's The Three Sisters)
by Hot Coals Theatre Company

Venus Moon
by Blue Loka / Donella Fox

by J. Dulin Jones