Script Accelerator Archive

Script Accelerator 2016 featured:

Sanguine Night
Produced by: Vanessa-Faye Stanley/Boileroom
Mentee: Alex Prescot

After Birth
Produced by: The Story Project
Mentee: Ellis Newbury

The Distance Between Us
Produced by: Lindsay Fraser/ Fine Line Productions
Mentee: Stella-Jane Odoemelam

It Is So Ordered
Produced by: Changing Face Collective
Mentee: Delia Ra

Produced by: The Thelmas
Mentee: Gabriel Broadhurst 


Script Accelerator 2015 featured:


Produced by: Concorde Theatre Company 

by Charlie Howitt
Produced by: Reverend Productions 

The 38th Parallel 
Produced by: Pokfulam Rd. Productions 

A Pupil
by Jesse Britton 
Produced by: Bear Trap Theatre Company

The Pooki
by Jamie Jackson
Tara Finney Productions

The View
Produced by: To The Moon Theatre & Epsilon Productions 

Check out our video from Script Accelerator 2015 here

Script Accelerator 2014 featured:


The Rover
by Aphra Behn, adapted by Loveday Ingram 

Full of Bees
by Rick Bland

Happy to Help
by Michael Ross

devised by Upstanding Productions [Arinda Alexander, Tansy Adair and Law Ballard]

by J. Dulin Jones

My Eyes Went Dark
by Matt Wilkinson

​Naughty pour Homme
Book by Leon Parris and Jon Smith, Music and Lyrics by Leon Parris


Check out our video from Script Accelerator 2014 here


Script Accelerator 2013 featured:


Tess of the D'Urbervilles
By Stepping Out Theatre Company

World Enough and Time
by Sarah Sigal [Fluff Productions]

My Name Is Hunger
by The Salon Collective

Storm in A Teacup (after Chekhov's The Three Sisters)
by Hot Coals Theatre Company

Venus Moon
by Blue Loka / Donella Fox

by J. Dulin Jones