Script Accelerator 2018

Script Accelerator is a yearly programme supporting emerging practitioners to develop new plays. 


“We run Script Accelerator because we are passionate about discovering emerging talent and giving a platform to upcoming artists” – Melli Marie, Creative Director


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Script Accelerator 2018

Script Accelerator 2018 Mentee Finalists

Thank you to all of the fantastic and enthusiastic people who applied for the mentee posts. We are very excited to welcome to the programme our following finalists: 

Isobel Warner - Christian Graham's Reindeer

Adrianna Pavlovska - Niall Dingle's We Never Get Off at Sloane Square

Eileen Bellot - Katie Hurly and Angel On The Corner's The Witterings 

Lawrence Folsade - Rebecca Gwynther's Scum

Alice Hutchinson - Relish Theatre's Time and Tide 

Jessica Bickel-Barlow - Lynsey Martenstyn's Other, Please Explain

Script Accelerator 2018 Shortlist

The following list are producers or theatre companies with their proposals:

  • Nobody’s Empire with their proposal of The Ballerina
  • Christian Graham with his proposal of  Reindeer
  • Catherine Bailey and Phil Cox with their proposal of 40 Days in Khartown
  • Rebecca Gwyther with her proposal of Scum
  • Lysnesy Martenstyn with their proposal of Other - please explain
  • Ella Marks with her proposal of Stuffed
  • Angel on the Corner and their proposal of The Witterings
  • Missing Bolts Productions with their proposal of Anna: A Ghost Story
  • W14 Productions and their proposal of Solastalgia
  • Joshua Oakes-Rodgers and his proposal of Handwriting
  • Theatre in Black and their proposal of Still Here
  • Open Heart Surgery Theatre & Joanne Williams with Epsilon Productions with their proposal of Meat
  • Niall Dingle with his proposal of We Never Get Off At Sloane Square
  • Claire Gilbert with her proposal of Beside the Remains
  • Ellie Zeegan with her proposal of Awaken
  • Hyphen Theatre Company with their proposal of Eat Sleep Exam Repeat
  • DR Hood with her proposal of Dr Faustess
  • Loquitur Theatre with their proposal of Lobster
  • Relish Theatre with their proposal of Time and Tide
  • Brandon Force and his proposal of The Originals


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