Script Accelerator

Script Accelerator is a yearly programme designed to support emerging practitioners. 


“We run Script Accelerator because we are passionate about discovering emerging talent and giving a platform to upcoming artists” – Melli Bond, Creative Director

Script Accelerator 2016

Vanessa-Faye Stanley/Boileroom - Sanguine Night

The Story Project - After Birth

Lindsay Fraser/ Fine Line Productions - The Distance Between Us

Lucy Curtis - It Is So Ordered

The Thelmas - Coconut


Each year producers, or theatre companies, are invited to pitch a particular play they would like to develop - and six are selected into the programme. 

Each producer is responsible for selecting their actors and director and, over four weeks, is granted slots in a number of spaces within the building in order to develop their work. The process culminates with a 20 minute showing of each piece to an audience in Park200, our larger auditorium. 

Pieces are selected on the merit of the script and, vitally, on future life potential. A number have previously gone on to perform our Park90 stage, including Storm In A Tea Cup, World Enough And Time and Happy To Help.

Script Accelerator is led by Creative Director Melli Bond with the opportunity for feedback from Artistic Director Jez Bond. Participants will be supported by the Script Accelerator Coordinator Lorna Heap. Each producer will be appointed a mentee to assist their team. 



Mentees will be selected to support the production teams with the rehearsal, development and delivery of their work. You will be given the opportunity to assist and take part in the professional development process of a new piece of writing within a professional London theatre.

You do not need any skills or experience to take part other than a keen interest in making and delivering theatre in a professional environment to a high standard.

Producers and Mentees Final Selection 2016

Boiler Room & Vicky Olusanyea

The Story Project & Ellis Newbury

Lindsay Fraser/Fine Line Productions & Stella-Jane Odoemelam

Lucy Curtis & Delia Ra

The Thelmas & Gabriel Broadhurst 


Producers Shortlist 2016

Celia Dugua - Final Record

George Warren/Metal Rabbit - We’re Staying Right Here

Front of House Theatre Company - Merely The Dreams Of Children

Kate Powell - Spider Fly

Stand Fast Theatre - Motherland

Lydia Parker - Hop Tha A

Melissa Dunne - Home Free

Simon Ly - Human Resources

Steph Connell - Kickabout

Sue Blunder - London Democracy

Suzette Coon - Tussy 


Rehearsal and Development

24 Oct – 20 Nov 2016

Producers: Each successful applicant, along with their team of writer, director and actors, will be offered Rehearsal & Development in order to develop the script and prepare a twenty minute extract of the play to be performed on the Park 200 stage.

During this period we will offer:

  •  Scheduled space within Park Theatre
  •  Creative feedback from our Creative Director
  •  A group share session
  •  A dedicated novice theatre-maker who will support, and be mentored by, each producer
  •  Professional advice sessions from Park Theatre’s Artistic and Executive Directors


Public Showcase

20-21, 27-28 November

Following the R & D the six producers will be invited to present a 20-minute extract of the play in-front of an audience on the Park200 stage.

During this period we will offer:

  •  The Park200 stage on two performance days (for each producer)
  •  Marketing (via the website, our mailing list and social media)
  •  A promotional video about the programme and all the producers involved 
  •  Hosted feedback sessions from the audience after each performance
  •  Feedback from Park Theatre’s Artistic Director

The ‘performance’, which can either be a script in hand presentation or fully off-the-book, is to be with minimal props, basic sound and lighting only and no set. In order to achieve this each producer will be granted a technical rehearsal and dress rehearsal slot prior.

Both the general public and friends and colleagues will be invited to attend.


Post Programme

After the programme we will offer a:

  •  Debrief with the Creative Director
  •  An opportunity for further discussion with Park Theatre staff to support you in budgeting for a production in Park90


We have used schedules from previous years to draw up sample schedules to give applicants a rough idea of development and rehearsal times.

Sample Day Schedule

10am - 1pm Rehearsal in Park 200
1pm - 2pm Lunch
2pm - 5pm Table work in Upstairs Bar/Mini Mezzanine.

Sample Week Schedule

Mon: 10am - 5pm Rehearsal in Park 90
Tues: 11am - 4pm Table work and lunchtime catch up with Co-ordinator in Upstairs Bar/Mini-Mezzanine
Wed: Break Day
Thurs: 10am - 2pm Rehearsal in The Morris Space, 2pm - 4pm Feedback with Melli Bond, Creative Director followed by group discussion with Lorna Heap, Script Accelerator Coordinator
Fri: 10am - 1pm  Table work in Upstairs Bar/Mini Mezzanine,  2pm - 5pm  Rehearsal in Park 200

The schedule will vary week to week. Companies may wish to complement our schedule with some space of their own finding to add more rehearsals. We can recommend some local and reasonably priced studios or participants may wish to offer their own accommodation.


Check out our video from Script Accelerator 2015.