Art Exhibitions


We look for art that we connect with on an emotional and intellectual level. We strive to find artists whose working practice and sensibility embraces the Park Theatre ethos. We see Park as a place for all people and therefore we look for art to communicate this generosity of spirit. 

We strive to find artists who are keen to connect with the local community - whether that is in the form of workshops, discussions, etc.. we aim to make a deeper connection between their art and the people who live locally. We offer a platform to rising and established artists of all ages. 
We do not place restrictions on age or prior exhibitions. The art is selected based on appeal not on the artists CV or education. Our policy is an open submission to all artists.
We also work with incoming producers/companies to curate exhibitions based on their production. When we work in this way we still view all the artwork that the company propose to hang and all elements to the policy apply.

We look for painting, photography, 3-D art, drawings and other examples of fine art or light-weight sculpture or assemblage.


We have 4 arears for hanging.  The mezzanine level, and the corridor, the cirdle corridor and the Park 90 corridor

  1. Mezzanine:  (starting 2 ft from the rail and stopping 2 inches from the base) is 114 inches/ 289 cm in height and 78 inches/198cm wide. 

  2. Stalls: The stalls corridor contains 3 sections.  

    1. (width starting 14inches/36 cm from the signage)  145 cm/ 57 inches height and 142 cm/ 56 inches wide

    2. Height: 145cm/ 57 inches and 150 inches/382 cm wide

    3. Height: 145 cm/ 57 inches and 20ft/ 610cm wide

  3. Circle: The circle corridor contains 2 sections:

  4. Height: 4 ft/ 122cm and 84 inches /213 cm wide

  5. Height: 4 ft/ 122 cm and 16ft and 17.2 inches/512 cm wide

  6. Park 90 corridor has one section: Height: 56 inches/142 cm and 10ft/305cm wide

Our goal is to keep each exhibition small and uncluttered.

If you would like to exhibit your work please contact our Creative Director Melli Marie

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