Drag Tales – Storytime… with Drag Queens

29 February 2020 - 7 March 2020

It’s simple:

If you want your child to understand diversity, be in a space that is inclusive, and to have a sense of belonging in the world no matter what or who they are, then they will find it at Drag Tales.

The fun, fruity and fabulous drag performers of Dragged Around London will give your children a full hour extravaganza of stories, singing and even a little dancing. It’s a moment where animated drag queens help bring to life the colourful worlds of children's classic storybooks.

What We Will Do During Our Hour of Fun
At Drag Tales, we will adapt to the kids at the session, and make sure everyone has a good time.
We’ll read books like Where The Wild Things Are, Penguin, Girls, The Hug and many other classic and inclusive stories that teach about feminism, togetherness, diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance.
We’ll also sing fun songs, and if the kids are old enough, play games. We will also allow for the kids to have a question time where they can ask whatever they would like to understand about drag queens and gender fluidity.
And if you have any particular stories you want read, songs you want sung, or games you want played, we are open to adapting to what you’d like your children to experience. Just email [email protected] to put in your requests!
It’s all about creating a safe space to play and learn about the wonderful differences in this big world we live in together.