Act & Play 4-6 Years

18 January 2020 - 04 April 2020

Whether your little one is bursting with energy or a little bit shy, our drama classes are perfect for guiding children creatively through their growth.

What Is It?
A regular 10-week term theatre making course.
Course Content
Theatre games and activities to develop skills in movement, voice and mind. Helpful for little ones who have not yet had formal schooling and are just learning to read. The group will create a piece of theatre to share in the group showcase.
To open the participants’ voices and imaginations through focused play, develop everyone’s ability to work as part of a team and create confident young people.
On The Day
The hour is broken down into three aspects of performance, in Mind, Body & Voice using creative play to explore these parts, starting with fun warm-ups using music, rhythm and observation. The term culminates in a mini performance at the end of term to friends & family on stage.