Workshop: Using Counselling Skills in Your Everyday Life

22 November 2017

What is it?
A half day workshop covering a range of counselling and psychotherapy approaches.  With simple exercises, as practiced by counsellors, to build your communication skills.

Who it’s for?
Anyone over 18 who would like to learn an effective way of understanding themselves as well as speaking and listening to others.

Course Content
Brief history of therapy; outline of different therapy approaches; simple one-to one exercises with ‘client’ and ‘counsellor’ roles for workshop participants.

Course Facilitator
Matthew Campling has a BA Hons degree in client-centred therapy and a Masters degree in psychotherapy.  He is a popular media spokesperson for health matters and has presented many workshops, around the country.  His play The Secondary Victim is in Park90 from 14 November to 9 December.

In a short time, to give an overview of counselling and psychotherapy.  For participants to experience simple ways of improving their communications, both in how they deal with their own issues, and in working with others.

Date and Time
Wednesday 22nd November, 10am – 2pm. 

Park 90

Please email [email protected]  The course is free but there is a £10 place reservation fee.